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Album Floriana Webera - Biosphere
oraz "Terraplane Sky Road Songs" Elliotta Sharpa, od dzisiaj na rynku

Florian Weber
Biosphere (Enja)

Featuring Lionel Loueke, Thomas Morgan, and Dan Weiss, Biosphere has developed into one of the most gripping, casually complex albums of the jazz spring of 2012. Above all, this astonishing band succeeds in making the most complex templates light, organic and even funky. Biosphere crosses the border of the usual by connecting body and soul, intellect and experience and concept and sound. It is a startling if not fundamental album.

"FLORIAN WEBER This German pianist has a background in classical music as well as modern jazz, and he favors an aesthetic of aerodynamic fluency. On “Biosphere” he plays acoustic and Fender Rhodes pianos, finessing a batch of complexly plotted tunes and placing his full trust in the West African guitarist Lionel Loueke and an American rhythm team of Thomas Morgan on bass and Dan Weiss on drums." - Nate Chinen, New York Times

"Like [Vijay] Iyer, the German virtuoso keeps his music fresh by introducing not just any foreign concept into jazz but ones that actually fit. And like Iyer, he doesn’t just experiment with melody, he heads to the frontiers on rhythm, too." - S. Victor Aaron, Something Else!

"Though intellectually rigorous, the music of Biosphere never gets too brainy because the rhythmic elements are almost always front and center... no matter how mathematical the music might get, there’s a dancing, light-on-its-feet quality to it." - Mel Minter, alibi.com


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Elliott Sharp's Terraplane
Sky Road Songs (Enja/Yellowbird)

Elliott Sharp's TERRAPLANE synthesizes the intersection of country and urban blues with Mississippi fife & drum bands, post-Mingus/Ayler jazz, the sonic innovations of Sharp's long-running ensemble CARBON and the rhythmic force of the groove, from the shuffle to contemporary dance music. With Sky Road Songs, the emphasis is on the songs – concise, focused, and memorable, both drawing on the blues tradition and looking to a futuristic sound, warm and emotional but using new sounds and approaches. So different is the approach on this CD, one may now appreciate Sharp's work in a completely new light. F eaturing special guest blues guitarist Hubert Sumlin, vocalists Tracie Morris and Eric Mingus, Alex Harding and Curtis Fowlkes on horns, Dave Hofstra on bass, Don McKenzie on drums, and Elliot Sharp on guitars, saxophones, bass clarinet, mandocello, mandolin.

"Whether he plays jazz, rock or free improvisation, Elliott Sharp’s guitar can rip flesh, thanks to his astounding fretwork skills and an inventive musical vocabulary. What makes Terraplane, his blues band, so strong a group is the fact that Sharp doesn’t trade his Downtown New York perspective for a bag of blues licks to fit the mood... That approach keeps the band from sounding anything close to typical." - Mike Shanley, JazzTimes

środa, 12 września 2012, jazz-gazeta

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