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European Jazz Prize oraz Hans Koller Preis 2007 przyznane - ceremonia 15 grudnia
Główny laur European Jazz Prize w tym obok splendoru - 14,5 tysiąca euro zdobył...

...włoski pianista, Stafano Bollani

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The 34-year-old Italian pianist Stefano Bollani belongs to the younger
breed of European musicians who feels equally at home in American jazz,
European music and pop traditions, leaving his own special imprint on
whatever he plays. Instead of aiming for brilliant virtuoso effect, he
applies his polished technique to creating transparency as well as
harmonic constructions studded with surprising details; practicing the art
of reharmonization, with his solid compositions striking a comfortable
balance between clearly delineated and open structures.

In the tradition of Keith Jarrett and Michel Petrucciani, but also
reminiscent of romantic European piano music, Stefano Bollani represents
the type of  “complete pianistics” that places total orchestral sound
in the foreground ahead of spectacular virtuoso pyrotechnics. His
individualistic style, endowed with refined restraint of meaningful bass
figures and carefully chosen harmonies on the one side and well-wrought
melodies on the other, has earned him a reputation as one of the leading
pianists of the younger generation.
In addition to this, in his solo concerts and performances with a diverse
range of small ensembles, he has displayed a playful sense of irony and
virtually encyclopedic mastery of music types from a wide variety of
sources. His repertory includes jazz standards reaching back to ragtime
and stride piano and themes from classical piano literature, in addition
to Italian canzoni, Swedish folksongs, tangos and pop ballads. It’s
hardly a coincidence that Bollani first became known in Italy as a
humorous, at times singing entertainer, and equally as a parodist of
Italian songsters and accompanist for the Italian rock musician Javanotti,
who previously, in 1996, had enlisted the Italian trumpeter Enrico Rava off
the streets to join him as his pianist.
Bollani first caught the attention of listeners in the broader European
arena with his solo album “Piano Solo”. Well before that, however, he
was already in demand in jazz circles and viewed as a rising star thanks
to his work with such ensembles as Rava, Paolo Fresu, Richard Galliano,
Phil Woods, Pat Metheny, among others. In the past two years, Stefano
Bollano has been touring with his CDs “Tati” with Rava and Paul
Motion; “Gleda: Songs of Scandinavia” with his Danish trio; “ I
Visionari” with his Italian quintet; and “ Piano Solo”. Add to this
his numerous other tours, festival appearances and solo concerts and his
reputation as one of the most creative and interesting voices in the
European jazz scene has been richly confirmed.
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środa, 19 września 2007, jazz-gazeta

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